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Fresh Out The Runway.. Don’t Be Late!

The hustle and bustle of fashion constantly gives me a rush; a good feeling. Like this is where I’ve wanted to be my whole life. Except, instead of doing it, I’m okay with just writing about it. The Chriselle Factor‘s blog touches upon the chaotic nature of Fashion Week. Generally, it occurs in all places including:

  • New York
  • London
  • Los Angeles
  • Tokyo

NYC Fashion Week

Creatively showing off the snowy weather in New York while rocking fashion-forward styles is what it’s all about. The real interest here is to see how weather conflicts or works with certain styles and clothes.

In the blog post by Chriselle, she models a simple outfit for the winter, but so fashion-forward, it actually makes you think twice about why it isn’t easy to dress like this at all times. The key is to find clothes and accessories that will complement the weather and is simple.

Sunny winter day in New York City calls for sunglasses, a sweater dress, and a cute Celine bag. Also, leather is in style. A leather shirt with a cheetah print shawl in contrast to the weather will make the print pop out and direct people’s eyes to the shawl.

The picture to the right is showing a model coming right off the runway from Fashion Week in NYC. Her face, in my opinion, is calm and collected and nothing like the frantic rush of being on runways and changing clothes to showcase beautiful, and sometimes ugly clothes.

Fashion is about working with what you have. The real target is to be happy with yourself and your surroundings. After that, you find things you are comfortable wearing. Essentially, that is fashion. It doesn’t have to look good to everyone else. All you have to do is find what you think is beautiful and make it your own. Seriously.

Photo by – ChairWomanMay


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