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Twitter.. Reaching out to show the bigger picture!

My class participated in this cool scavenger hunt for our school. Seton Hall is pretty interesting. Being a senior here, it was quite exciting to work with my friend, Janay, and find things about my the students and professors here.

One highlight of the hunt was finding the secret door to the tunnels. We don’t use those, but it’s still interesting. Another was the scenic spot, because being at school so much, it’s easy to look past what a beautiful campus Seton Hall really is.

One challenge was those who were skeptical about being quoted. Some people wanted their quote to be exactly what they said, and I respected that.


School Spirit –

Favorite Eating Spot –

Professor on the Street –


Student on the Street –


Academic Excellence –

Scenic Spot –


Little-known Fact –

Fanatic Fans –

Extracurricular Extravaganza –

Freestyle –

The top five tweets from other schools (in my opinion):

Also, my five responses to students from other schools, below:

I found this scavenger hunt to be a good lesson to be learned about social media. It’s not only about the information given to you, it is the information you are giving out. That’s the real purpose.


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